TOZO OpenReal Open Ear Headphones Bluetooth 5.3 Air Conduction Wireless Headphones Sport Earbuds with Premium Sound, Dual-Mic Call Noise Reduction Earphones with Hair Band for…

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Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $39.99.

  • [Open-Ear Design]TOZO OpenReal headphones feature a completely innovative open-ear design for all-day listening without ear fatigue, the headphones can securely rest and firmly fit your ears without entering your ear canal, which will reduce stress after extended wear.
  • [Air Conduction Technology & Ergonomic Design]Adopting the principle of air conduction, which can effectively prevent sound leakage, and transmit music ultra concentrated and clearly, allowing you to easily enjoy the superior music like a record. Extraordinary ergonomic design satisfies different auricle wear and delivers comfortable and stable experience (Not Bone Conduction).
  • [Clear Calls with Dual-Mic ENC & Bluetooth 5.3]TOZO OpenReal headphones combine with dual microphones and noise reduction algorithm technology, which can restore the original sound, precisely capture your voice, cancel out ambient noise and deliver superior Clear Call. Therefore, you can achieve high-quality calls in any occasions. As well as equipped with true wireless Bluetooth 5.3 technology, so the connection is especially stable and brings the lower latency during data transmission.
  • [16.2mm Dynamic Drivers]Through precise adjustment and professional testing, TOZO Acoustic Lab’s customizes powerful 16.2mm dynamic drivers system for headphones, bringing you more beautiful and transparent sound effects. Deeply restore various rich details of the sound, creating an intimate concert-like audio experience.
  • [Up to 16 Hours Playtime & Fast Charging]Built-in 120mAh large capacity battery, TOZO OpenReal headphones provide up to 16 hours of continuous playback and calls with one charge. Meanwhile, it supports fast charging, just 10 minutes of charging can get up to 2 hours of playtime. Help you reduce the trouble of repeated charging and enjoy the whole day of listening.
TOZO OpenReal Open Ear Headphones Bluetooth 5.3 Air Conduction Wireless Headphones Sport Earbuds with Premium Sound, Dual-Mic Call Noise Reduction Earphones with Hair Band for…
TOZO OpenReal Open Ear Headphones Bluetooth 5.3 Air Conduction Wireless Headphones Sport Earbuds with Premium Sound, Dual-Mic Call Noise Reduction Earphones with Hair Band for…

Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $39.99.

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Specification: TOZO OpenReal Open Ear Headphones Bluetooth 5.3 Air Conduction Wireless Headphones Sport Earbuds with Premium Sound, Dual-Mic Call Noise Reduction Earphones with Hair Band for…

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5.67 x 3.62 x 2.01 inches

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4.9 ounces

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1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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November 2, 2023




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9 reviews for TOZO OpenReal Open Ear Headphones Bluetooth 5.3 Air Conduction Wireless Headphones Sport Earbuds with Premium Sound, Dual-Mic Call Noise Reduction Earphones with Hair Band for…

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  1. BobPeanut

    I’ve been looking for headphones specifically for running, as earbuds can fall out and make it too hard to hear when cars are coming. These open ear headphones from TOZO are exactly what I needed. The sound quality is great and the open ear design allows me to easily hear what’s going on around me. I initially thought the way the headphones loop around the ears might not be snug enough on a run, but they actually work extremely well. They stay firmly in place without being tight, and this means they’re comfortable enough to be worn for long periods of time. I’ve so far worn them for an hour at a time with zero discomfort. I think I could wear them all day with no problems!

    I found the button controls intuitive and responsive. A simple tap will pause/unpause your audio; it’s sensitive, which I like. If you tap and hold, it activates the microphone so you can use Siri commands – I sent a text through Siri my first time with no problems at all. There are also buttons for volume controls, which work as you’d expect. The Bluetooth connection has been quick and rock solid so far.

    Build quality seems good. They look sleek and understated, the fit and finish is excellent, and they’re sturdy. Tozo’s packaging and instructions are great – it feels like you’re opening an Apple product.

    If you’re looking for headphones to play sports with, I recommend these!

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  2. pjmarshall2307

    Great design, comfortable over the ears and easy to use.

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  3. Abirami Narayanan

    Exploring the Tozo Openreal Open HeadphonesThe Tozo Openreal Open Headphones are a revelation in the world of audio, offering an immersive listening experience that transcends expectations. Here’s an in-depth review of their design, sound quality, comfort, and overall performance.Design: Crafted with precision and elegance, the Tozo Openreal Open Headphones feature a modern and minimalist design that exudes sophistication. The combination of sleek lines and premium materials results in a visually stunning product that commands attention. The open-back design not only contributes to the headphones’ aesthetic appeal but also enhances soundstage and clarity.Sound Quality: When it comes to sound quality, the Tozo Openreal Open Headphones truly shine. With their open-back design and high-fidelity drivers, they deliver a natural and expansive soundstage that brings music to life. The audio reproduction is remarkably detailed, with crisp highs, rich mids, and deep, well-defined bass. Whether you’re listening to classical music, jazz, or electronic beats, these headphones excel across genres, offering a truly immersive listening experience.Comfort: Comfort is paramount during extended listening sessions, and the Tozo Openreal Open Headphones excel in this regard. The lightweight and ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit, allowing users to enjoy their favorite music for hours on end without discomfort or fatigue. The plush ear cushions provide a luxurious feel, while the adjustable headband ensures a secure and personalized fit for users of all head sizes.Performance: In terms of performance, the Tozo Openreal Open Headphones exceed expectations on all fronts. They offer a wide frequency response and low distortion, resulting in accurate and faithful audio reproduction across the entire spectrum. Whether you’re listening at low volumes or cranking up the volume to feel the full impact of your music, these headphones maintain clarity and fidelity without compromising on quality.Value: Priced competitively within the premium headphone market, the Tozo Openreal Open Headphones offer exceptional value for discerning audiophiles. With their outstanding sound quality, elegant design, and comfortable fit, they rival headphones that cost significantly more. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a professional audio engineer, or simply someone who appreciates great sound, these headphones are a worthy investment that will elevate your listening experience to new heights.Overall, the Tozo Openreal Open Headphones are a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. With their stunning design, impeccable sound quality, and exceptional comfort, they set a new standard for open-back headphones in their price range. Whether you’re listening at home, in the studio, or on the go, these headphones deliver a truly transformative audio experience that will delight even the most discerning listeners.

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  4. Alessandro

    Prodotto validissimo, comodo e non ti isola dal resto mantenendo la possibilità di ascoltare bene la propria musica!
    Servizio clienti fantastico!

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  5. Frost

    Tozo open ear headphone is a very great suprize. The quality of sound is perfect, comfortable to wear. The Tozo open ear headphones have been making waves in the audio world, offering a unique listening experience that combines comfort with high-quality sound. These headphones are designed to sit comfortably outside the ear canal, allowing for natural sound intake while maintaining awareness of your surroundings – a feature that’s especially appreciated my outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. With their ergonomic design, they ensure a secure fit that stays put during even my most vigorous activities. Moreover, the Tozo open ear headphones boast impressive battery life, ensuring you can enjoy your music or podcasts for extended periods without the need for frequent recharging. They’re also equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, providing a stable and seamless connection to your devices. Whether you’re looking for a pair of headphones for your daily run or just want to enjoy your music without feeling isolated from the world around you, the Tozo open ear headphones are a surprise that’s hard to beat. I gave it 4 star. Customer service is one of the best I have ever dealt with, answer my call to action. To correct the issue I had.

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  6. Joan

    Buen sonido.y comodidad de uso, contento con la compra

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  7. Hypno

    When I saw those headphones I thought that it is something different than my usual earphones.
    So I bought them and I’ve tried them.
    My first impression was that they are very light, lighter than I thought they will be.
    As you can see on my photo I am wearing glasses and there is no issues or any discomfort with OpenReal.
    Then I’ve tested them in the rain – no issues whatsoever 🙂
    Because of its shape I thought that there might be some issues with sound transmition, quality or volume.
    And again – I was wrong.
    As other TOZO products sound quality is very good.
    But if it’s not good enough for you, you can customize it in TOZO mobile app.
    There are few default preset settings, but it is also possible to customize it yourself as much you want.
    Then I’ve tested it in the rain and again – no issues.
    But after that I’ve tested battery life.
    And I think they have longest battery life I ever tested.
    Usually when I test any earphones I have to charge it once during my 12-hours shift at work.
    With OpenReal I was unable to do it as it was still working on one charge after my whole shift!
    The only downside is that you can’t regulate them even a bit.
    For me it is not an issue as it fits perfectly for me.
    Another important thing for me is comfort.
    Thay are very comfortable even for long time usage.
    And they are not felling off when running.
    I know that it might sound silly, but my Samsung earphones very often fell off when I run even for short distance (like to bus stop). Once I even almost lost them.
    That issue does not exist with OpenReal.
    And beacause they are not going into ear channel they are not get dirty and also I can monitor external sound at the same time that I can enjoy listening to my music 🙂
    It is quite important at my workplace.
    So, gathering all together: it is one of the best TOZO product I had chance to test.
    I can definetly recommend it to everyone, especially to those that loves running a lot 😛

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  8. JS Mijas

    Un poco diferente en el oído, pero con una gran calidad de sonido

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  9. Sasha7

    Easy to set up, happy with the fit that is not stuck in the ears. Since it doesn’t go in the ear, the noise cancelling doesn’t seem like much, but the sound is rich and clear (if there is not a lot of surrounding noise) listening to audiobooks (depends also on the book narrator, of course). Connected right away with the phone. You can see when the battery is charged, the tiny red light goes out. Only had it a week, but so far it’s good quality, reliable. IMO – really good for the price, but don’t lay down with it, it won’t stay in position on your head.

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